Tax Exemption on Taxable Income, Download Income Tax Report in ERP

Check various income and payment items of employee qualified for tax exemption under different sections of income tax act and the maximum limit of allowable amount for tax exemption of an employee or individual to submit during filing of ITR in a assessment year under different slabs… Here, in this portal, you can check the

Thumb Rule of Financial Planning to have Healthy & Wealthy days

In these present, every individual or employee must have to follow the thumb rules of financial planning to have the best healthy and wealthy days in future for their child and family financial settlement and growth. Now a days, everything linked with money, by following, these necessary rules, anyone can create the best portfolio for

BSNL Salary Slip Pay details for employee at ESS ERP Portal

BSNL Salary slip is a documentary proof issued by the employer to BSNL employee having detailed description about the pay or employee’s salary of that current month raised from ERP BSNL eportal by showing all the salary components of income paid and deductions of the employees towards loans, Employee provident fund or GPF along by