Voter List & Downloading the Voter List Online

Find out how to check name in the Voter list and also how to download the voter list from polling stations through online…

Most of the people have a lot of confusion where do I find my voter list. If you are a first-time voter you are eager to know whether your name is in Electoral roll or not. So, the process is first check that your name is in Electoral or not. If your name is Electoral roll (voter List) well you can go ahead and cast your vote even with an Aadhar card.

Voter List

At first we have to check whether your name is in Electoral or not.

There are three basic ways you can find out the name in the voter list are:

  • Online
  • Through Calling
  • Through an App.

Voter List through Online

The election commission has made it so simple. The voters can check their name in the voter’s list through online by following the below step.

  1. You just have to go National Service Voter Portal
  2. Click on search in Electoral roll option.
  3. You will display a page with two options
    • Search by Details
    • Search by EPIC number
  4. Select search by EPIC number and enter the details
  5. Click on search button.
  6. Otherwise you can Click on search by Details
  7. It can direct to enter name, Father/Husband name, Age, DOB, Gender, State and District, Assembly Constituency.
  8. After Completion of entering the details, if your name is in voters list it will appear in the display.

Voter List through Calling

Now coming to the second option for checking the voter list is Calling through the mobile number. This is very quite interesting. The number to call is 1950. To call for the voter’s list just enter your area code followed by 1950. It may connect but most of the times this call will fail. So, the better way is to go to the website and check it out.

Voter List through App

Third option is an amazing option to check voters list is voter’s helpline app. The following steps directed you to check.

  1. Open play store or App store in your mobile.
  2. Search for voter’s helpline app and install it.
  3. Launch the app in your mobile.
  4. In the app put your EPIC number and click on search option.
  5. The minute you put your EPIC number you will get your details if name is in the voters list.

Voter list Download

We can download the voters list easily from polling station through online. The following steps shows how to download the polling station voter list:

  1. First open the official website
  2. Next, stay your cursor at PDF Electoral roll option will visible two options.
  3. Assembly Constituency and Council Constituency and again place your cursor in Assembly Constituency option.
  4. You will see two options like Draft SSR E-roll 2023 and Final SSR E-roll 2022.
  5. Click on Draft SSR E-roll 2023 option.
  6. So, next interface is Draft Electoral roll 2023.
  7. Here you need to select District and Assembly Constituency and click on get polling stations option.
  8. Now the details are completely opened.
  9. Next it will display a polling station Name, Polling station location, Telugu and English.
  10. These Telugu and English rows are used to download the PDF in selected language.
  11. Select the Polling station name and Language.
  12. Now you need enter the verification code which is displayed in the screen.
  13. After that the list will be opened here and list will be PDF format.
  14. Now you can download the list by clicking on Download symbol.

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