BSNL Pay Scales of Executive and Non Executive Employees

BSNL Pay Scales Revised Salaries

Find the BSNL pay scale of each employee from 01.10.2000 to first PRC pay scales with new BSNL salary structure of JE, JTO, JAO, SDE, DE and other grade wise to each cadre level for executive and non executive employees working in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited…

BSNL Pay scale is nothing but salary structure to determine about how much to be paid as a total salary of BSNL employee in the organization based on level, rank or status and length of the time that has been an employee worked in the Public Sector Unit (PSU).

After the recruitment in BSNL, an employee will fix in a pay scale shown in below table as per the designation when BSNL recruitment notification announced, after fixation employee can check all the BSNL salary details on pay slip through employee self service login at BSNL ERP ESS portal.

BSNL Pay Scales Revised Salaries

BSNL Pay Scales of Employees

Non Executive Employees

After the BSNL pay scale revision for non executive cadre in 2007, BSNL JE salary erst while TTA (Telecom Technical Assistant) is fixed at NE9 level which comes under technical wing, and when comes to Clerical cadre, BSNL STOA pay scale is fixed at NE7.

Find the list of 2nd BSNL PRC pay scales effective from 01.01.2007 for all BSNL Non Executive cadre employees, showing with the old BSNL pay scales as per BSNL ERP.

GradePrevious CDA ScalePrevious IDA ScaleIDA Pay Scale from 01.01.2007 as per 1/16/2010 PAT (BSNL) dtd 7.5.2010
6th CPC CDA Grade Pay in Rs.
NE12550-55-2660-60-322004000-120-58007760 – 133201300
NE22610-60-3150-65-35404060-125-59357840 – 147001400
NE32650-65-3300-70-40004100-125-59757900 – 148801650
NE42750-70-3800-75-44004250-130-62008150 – 153401800
NE53050-75-3950-80-45904550-140-66508700 – 168401900
NE63200-85-49004720-150-69709020 – 174302000
NE74000-100-60005700-160-810010900 – 204002400
NE84500-125-70006550-185-932512520 – 234402800
NE95000-150-80007100-200-1010013600 – 254204200
NE105500-175-90007800-225-1117514900 – 278504200
NE116500 – 200 – 105008570-245-1224516370 – 306304200
NE129200-250-1320016390 – 33830

Executive Employees

According to the BSNL Pay Scale 2007, the bandwidth of BSNL JTO Salary pay is fixed at E1 level which is a good payscale for a starting level executive cadre employee in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. The same pay scale is also applicable for BSNL Junior Accounts Officer salary too and here is the old and revised 2nd PRC pay scales of BSNL executive level employees in the organization.

GradePrevious CDA ScalePrevious IDA ScaleIDA Pay Scale from 01.01.2007 as per 1-5012009 PAT (BSNL) dtd 5-3-2009
6th CPC CDA Grade Pay in Rs.
E19850-14600(IDA)16400 – 405004200
E211875 – 17275
20600 – 46500
E38000-13500(CDA)13000 – 1825024900 – 505005400
E410000 – 1520014500 – 1870029100 – 545006600
E512000 – 1650016000 – 2080032900 – 580007600
E614300 – 1830017500 – 2230036600 – 620008700
E714300 – 1830018500 – 2390043200 – 660008700
E918400 – 2240023750 – 2855062000 – 8000010000
HAG25000 – 3020062000 – 80000
25750 – 3095075000 – 100000
27750 – 3155080000 – 125000

How to fix BSNL Pay and Allowances

Fixation of Pay
At first we must know the need for fixation of pay of the employee who got appointment in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited as per the pay scales of ESS ERP BSNL in the following occasions

  • On first entry into service of BSNL as per the rule FR 22 (b).
  • When a government servant is appointed from one post to another whether or not involving higher responsibilities as per rule FR 22 1 a(1) and (2)
  • A BSNL employee pay grade is reduced as a result of punishment or on his own violation as per FR 28/FR 22 1(a)(3)
  • As per the Revision of Pay Scales of BSNL as per FR 23

Any BSNL employee can find all the details about their pay fixation through BSNL ERP login and if found any discrepancies may intimate to concerned AO Claims of working SSA. The 3rd PRC BSNL pay scales of the employees is due from 1st January 2017, the file is under process for BSNL pay revision 2018, if gets approval from cabinet, the employees will draw their salaries as per BSNL new pay scales in 2018 or 2019.

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