Voter List & Downloading the Voter List Online

A M Raju

Most of the people have a lot of confusion where do I find my voter list. If you are a first-time voter you are eager to know whether your name is in Electoral roll or not. So, the process is first check that your name is in Electoral or not. If your name is Electoral roll (voter List) well you can go ahead and cast your vote even with an Aadhar card

Voters ID Guide at for Registration, Login, & Download Online

A M Raju

Generally, any individual who attains 18 years of age on 1st of January can have right to vote. Election commission ...

Voter ID Status through Online or by Using Mobile App

A M Raju

Here we are going to discuss about tracking the Voter ID status through online and also by using the mobile ...

Voter ID Download as e-EPIC after Successful Registration

A M Raju

Find out the Voter ID Download Process after successful registration of voter Id through online and offline… Now-a-days Voter Identification ...

How to Control Mind with Simple 3 Tips

A M Raju

Generally, every person has problems in their life but they don’t how to control mind and was thinking about the ...

Passport Grievance Online through Passport Seva


We can Raise the Passport Grievance through Passport Seva portal. First, we need the documents such as reference number of ...