Gas Insurance for LPG Leakage Accident & Claim Process

Find the process about how gas insurance applicable for LPG Leakage Accident and Claim process for settling the claim and different types of LPG insurance Coverage…

LPG is nothing but Liquid Petroleum Gas. In this post we will discuss about whether Insurance claims applicable to LPG Leakage accident is true or not. If It is true, How the claim process will be.

Yes, we can claim insurance in case of LPG accident but it will be settled through Oil company (LPG manufacturer). If any LPG accident occurs, in that accident anybody injured or died or any property damage occur we can lodge a claim through distributor.

Gas Insurance

There is no direct Gas Insurance cover to individual person who purchases cylinders from the distributor. But there is a group policy taken by Oil Company for entire supply they have made in a year. In simple terms, Oil company will take a policy from an Insurance company for entire period of one year for the total supply they have made.

Public Liability Policy for LPG Manufacturers

LPG manufacturers like Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and Bharat Petroleum corporation Limited (BPCL) will purchase an insurance policy which is called Public Liability policy to provide an insurance coverage to the LPG related accidents. This coverage is applicable to registered LPG customers.

The coverage is only for accident occurred due to fire arise from LPG cylinder. If origin of fire is other than LPG cylinder claim is not payable.

LPG Insurance Coverage

There are two sections in this policy.

Section 1

  1. This section is also called as Liability Coverage.
  2. Under this, death, injury or property damage claims will be settled through courts, National Human Rights Council and consumer forum.
  3. There will be a maximum limit of Rs.75 lacs per event in any case and per year Rs.100 crores.
  4. Claim excess will be Rs.10000/- for each claim. It means each and every claim settled in this section Rs.10000/- will be deducted as a standard deduction.
  5. In this section coverage will be given to individual LPG cylinder buyer, distributor, during transit of LPG cylinders.

Section 2

  1. In this section coverage will be given to death, injury or property damage.
  2. Personal accident cover: Rs.6 lacs per person per event.
  3. Medical expenses: Rs.30 lacs per event a maximum of Rs.2 lacs per person will be given and immediate relief up to Rs.25000/- per person.
  4. Property Damage: Rs.2 Lacs per event at customers registered premises.
  5. In this, all claims together restricted to Rs.20 crores.

Gas Insurance Claim Process

  1. LPG accident to be notified to distributor by registered customer or family member in writing along with police department and fire department.
  2. Distributor will take up this matter to their oil company and oil company informs regarding incident to insurance company.
  3. Then insurance company asks for relevant documents and proofs to settle claims. This requirement will be notified to customer by the oil company through the distributor.
  4. Once all required documents received by the insurance company claim will be settled to the beneficiary

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