Delete YouTube History in Different Gadgets with / without Account

Here we are going to discuss about how to Delete YouTube History in mobile application and online web portal….

YouTube is a social media platform that allows users to listen videos in offline or online. It has millions of users logged in. YouTube is not only for video streaming in online but also downloading the video. We can watch downloaded video in offline too.

After login the YouTube in through your google account it stores the watched history, searched history. They may be deleted in the device but not in the YouTube server.

Delete YouTube History

YouTube is used in different devices like Mobiles,Tabs, Laptops, Computers etc. In this devices we can delete the YouTube history using the following steps.

How to Delete YouTube Search History in Mobiles & Tabs

  1. First, Open the YouTube app in your mobile.
  2. Tap on your Profile Picture
  3. It will show you some options. In that select ‘Settings’ and tab on it
  4. After selecting Settings tap on ‘History and Privacy’ Option.
  5. It shows Clear watch history, Clear search history, pause watch history, Pause search history and others option.
  6. In that, if you want to clear the watch history you can select ‘Clear watch history’ or if you want to clear the search history select ‘Clear search history’.

In this way you can easily clear the YouTube histories from your mobile app but not in the YouTube server.

How to Delete YouTube Search History without an Account

  1. Visit the official website of YouTube.
  2. In the hand side you can a menu. From that select History option.
  3. Tap on History option and in the right-hand side you can see Clear watch History option.
  4. Click on Clear Watch history you will get a pop-up
  5. Click clear watch history bar.
  6. After clicking the watch history will be deleted.

How to Delete YouTube Search History using Google Account App

Another way to clear your YouTube history is by signing in google account.

  1. Open Google account and go to history
  2. Here, History can be deleted in two options
  3. One is deleting the whole history by clicking on the delete option which is the right side
  4. Other option is select the particular video by scrolling down the page and tap on X button.

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