How to Check FASTag Balance

In this blog, we are going to discuss about how to check Fastag Balance before travelling to another place….

FASTag is an initiative that has been introduced in recent times helping the masters with easy communication across the National highways. Indian transport ministry had announced the mandatory usage of the FASTag for toll collection for public as well as commercial vehicles.

It is based on IRF id radio frequency identification technology. This system was installed at no. of toll plaza in India. when a vehicle crossing an electronic toll, connection has enabled toll plaza or National highways the money is directly deducted from the digital wallet associated with the vehicle.

Paytm was the initial mode of registering the FASTag and its recharge but you need to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.150 to use this service uninterrupted. You can inter check the FASTag balance online by a bank portal, digital UPI apps on smart phones and NHAI app as well.

To check the FASTag balance you should buy a bank you can visit the dedicated portal online. You need to login to the bank account and from the home page go to the FASTag option to check the balance. If you supposed to do it by NHAI app you can do it on smart phones. This can be done both on android and iOS smart phones.

  1. Go to play store or Appstore from your smart phone and search MYFASTag application.
  2. Download and install the application Login to your account.
  3. Make sure you have to register if your using the application for the first time.
  4. Once Login is successful, you will be able to check the available balance.
  5. Other option the check the FASTag balance is via UPI Paytm app
  6. Open the Paytm application on your smart phone.
  7. Go to the balance and history option click on the downward arrow plays next to the Paytm balance option.
  8. Now you will able to check the FASTag balance.

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