Proposal Form in Insurance (General Insurance)

Find out what is Proposal Form and additional documents required to issue the Insurance policy…

What is Proposal form in Insurance

This is a document collected from Insured with all data pertains to Vehicle/Property/Person/Health and coverages required by Insured.

The following are some of the necessary points that should be followed by every Insured

  • Each type of Insurance policy have a different types of Proposal Forms.
  • Along with form supporting documents should be provided.
  • It should be signed by Insured.
  • This requires to be submitted by the insured to the insurer before the commencement of cover and at renewal in case of any change required from previous Insurance Policy..
  • On renewals, there is no need of taking fresh form, if policy renewed with same Insurer and without any change policy.
  • In case of change of Insurer, a fresh proposal is required to be submitted to the new Insurer.
  • The Insurers may include additional questions in the form for their information and use.

Main Uses of Proposal Form

  • It contains material information required by Insurer for issuing policy
  • It contains requirements of insured to issue policy
  • At the time of claim settlement Insurer checks with it for Settlement of claim

Additional Documents required

  • Motor Policies required Registration Copy and Vehicle Inspection Report required
  • Health policies required Health records of Insuring persons and Medical Certificates required in prescribed format of Insurer in case of Senior Citizens / Persons with Previous health issues.

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