Check EPF Balance in Online, Mobile App, SMS or by Missed Call

How can I know my EPF balance in online, Is there any mobile applications to check EPF member passbook details, and the SMS process to check the UAN member balance. What is the Missed call number to check EPF balance?

To Check EPF balance, EPFO has introduced various ways by which a UAN member can check his EPF balance at passbook portal using EPFO online services and through Mobile App, SMS or Missed call with more flexibility which helps the person becomes more vigilant and informed about his employees provident fund account to plan his future investment in a better way.

Many of the EPFO members are searching about How can I know my EPF balance? Here we are presenting various options that an EPFO member is having to check the EPF balance at the comfort of his home, so let us explore the new available options in detail

Check EPF Balance using EPFO portal

The users can also check the EPF balance using the EPFO website, the site can be assessed through the UAN number only, The passbook member can use various facilities such as checking of the current and old balance, download and print of the passbook, so check the detailed procedure to download the Passbook and the EPF balance.

Check EPF Balance Online at member passbook portal
  • After visiting the website, the user needs to click on ‘For Employees’ under ‘Our services’
    • This will redirect the user to another page which will have various services of the user listed on the page, one of the services listed under ‘services’ is member passbook.
    • Once the user clicks on ‘member passbook’, the user will be redirected to another page which is the login page to provide the UAN number and the password of the account.
    • Click on the “login” button present at the bottom of the page.
    • This will take the user to the EPF passbook of the person, and the person needs to have his login linked to the EPF accounts and should have registered his EPF accounts.
    • One can also directly visit the site by using the URL

By Sending an SMS

The another way of checking the EPF balance of the PF account is sending SMS request. If the UAN of the person is registered with the EPFO account, one can get the details of the EPFO balance by sending an SMS to 7738299899 by following the below format while sending the SMS.


The last three letters are the first three letters of the language in which the details are required, and the facility is available in various languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali. To use the EPFO SMS facility, the user should have his UAN account with Aadhaar, PAN number and bank account number to check EPF balance.

By Giving a Missed Call

A registered EPFO member can check the EPF balance by using the Missed Call facility, where the user can simply give a missed call on 01122901406 from the registered mobile number and the details would be shared on the number, and the person needs to be sure that his UAN is linked with the bank account number, mobile number, Aadhaar and PAN number.

Umang App

This is the latest option that has been introduced by the Government of India last year with an application, and the UMANG App provides the user with the extra flexibility of checking his EPF account on the move on his mobile.

Check EPF Balance using UMANG App

The person just needs to install this UMANG app on his mobile and do one time, where the UMANG app provide various government services to the person at one place, and in that, one of the option is view EPF balance using EPF passbook, raise a claim, check the status of the claim and many more.

By using the EPFO App

The EPFO member can also check the EPF balance through mSeva app of the EPFO, one can download the app from the google or Apple play store, and once the app is downloaded, the user can click on ‘member’ and then balance/passbook by providing the UAN number, and the user will now be able to check his EPF balance details through this mobile application instantly.

By using any of the above said options, EPFO member can check the available EPF balance in his account by downloading the transactions through online, SMS, or through mobile apps.

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