How to Download Filed Income Tax Returns for ITR Assessment Year

Income tax is tax compelled on respective person depending on their income or profit earned by them. If earning is high than that person is eligible to pay the tax. Tax are payed by the individuals depending on their income. Person paying tax called tax payers. The income payable by the companies called Cooperate Tax.

If there is any increase in the additional unit of income then tax charges are applicable. Income tax is compulsory for the individual who earn more than 2.5lacs during the completion of financial year. The highest amount paid the individual is 30% of their income earned.

In normal cases Individual can file returns or we can ask a charted accountant for filing the Income tax returns.

We can download filed return at any time by using following steps.

How to Download Filed Income Tax Returns

  1. Firstly, open the official website ‘’.
  2. Enter your user ID ( PAN number) and click on continue.
  3. Enter Password and click on check box then click on continue
  4. After login you can see options, there you can see e-file option, Click on it.
  5. Next, go to Income tax Returns and click on view filed returns
  6. You can view the filed returns financial year wise starting with latest return filed. Then Download receipt/Form as per our requirement.

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