What is CAD, Find CAD History, Uses, Applications and Types

CAD is nothing but Computer-aided Design. This software is mostly used by the Software’s and Hardware’s for designing and producing technical drawings in 2D and 3D. It is an advanced technology in software. CAD makes user easier for designing and architecture the pictures in different ways.

Before mid-80’s CAD installed in a specially designed computer. Now it is available to buy in any computer. It makes it easier to display a template or to draw for closure or a distant look from any perspective for use.

History of CAD

In 1960, Ivan Sutherland invented a computer program called the SKETCHPAD. This is the first CAD software used to sketch in CRT monitor using an electronically-controlled pen. Later, by using GUI (Graphical User Inter phase) and modern object-oriented program from SKETCHPAD they created 2D designs. After so many researches and practices they create 3D modeling program in 1972. This is the most important software in CAD which is easier to access.

Some of the essential tools in computer to use CAD software

  1. High-quality monitor with graphics in it.
  2. Light pen
  3. Digitizing tablet.

Applications of CAD

  1. In designing the products, CAD software is used to understand and envision the industrial product. The most commonly used tool in industry are Inventor, Fusion 360, and SolidWorks.
  2. CAD software is used to build space vehicles, missiles, aircraft & satellites.
  3. They create precise illustrations and drawings of buildings and plans to visualize the construction.
  4. Graphic designers use 2D and 3D CAD software to design visualizations by using creative typography, different shapes, backgrounds, effects.
  5. CAD software can be used for architectural construction purposes. In the case of floor plans, they use the 2D tool and that in the case of the schematics of buildings, they use the 3D tool.
  6. CAD application in drug design.

Types of CAD

There are three types of CAD,

  1. 2D CAD
  2. 3D CAD
  3. Free Form CAD
It is a Lower end program and it has free end and open source programIt is High end program than the 2D  CADIt the Top- end program than 2D and 3D CAD

Uses of CAD

  1. CAD is used to save lot of time for the designers to design the content.
  2. CAD files can easily be shared among the members of a team.
  3. CAD is very simpler to implement so that user can easily verify the defects.
  4. CAD increases the overall productivity of the industries.
  5. CAD is also in Engineering field for graphical presentation.

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