Passport Appointment Availability, Reschedule & Download Passport Appointment

Here we are going to discuss about how to check passport Appointment Availability and how to reschedule passport appointment online…..

How to Check Passport Appointment Availability

After submitting the application in passport seva you need to check a slot for appointment. The following steps shows how to check passport appointment availability and Passport appointment booking:

  1. For checking the passport availability slot just login into the passport seva portal.
  2. Click on Check appointment availability option
  3. You are directed to next page; there you can see passport Office and enter characters displayed.
  4. Select the Passport office nearer to you and enter the characters displayed.
  5. It shows the Location, Address, Application type, Appointment quota, Appointment date and Appointments released.

Points to Follow for Reschedule Passport Appointment

The following steps shows how to reschedule passport appointment after checking the availability

  1. First visit official website of Passport Seva.
  2. Login through your Credentials.
  3. Next, Click on View Saved or Submitted Applications option.
  4. Here you need to choose Schedule Appointment Option.
  5. Next, you will get two options like Reschedule appointment or Cancel appointment and choose Reschedule appointment.
  6. After selecting the Reschedule appointment option click on Book Appointment.
  7. Next you will be directed to Printing selection and click on Print Application Receipt. And you need to carry this application for your appointment.

Types of Payments for Passport Appointment Online

For making a Passport appointment online one should pay the fee. Payments should be done for making an appointment in the online portal. These payments can be done by using E-Payments option or through Bank Challan option.

E-Payments: E-payments is nothing but payments done through Credit card or Debit card.

Bank Challan: Bank Challan is nothing but payments by visiting the Bank and submitting.

Passport Appointment Download

Passport Appointment Status

  1. How types of Appointment quotas are there?

    There are two types of appointment quotas available for scheduling the date. They are Normal and the other is Tatkal.

  2. In How many days we will get the passport in Normal quota?

    If we select the Normal quota, the standard days for receiving the passport are 30-45 days with police verification.

  3. In how many days we will get the passport in Tatkal quota?

    If we select the Tatkal quota, the standard days for receiving the passport is within a week without police verification.

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