Motor Insurance in India with Different Types of Motor Insurance

Find out types of Motor Insurance and factors effecting the premium, different types of Vehicle Insurance policies which may taken and coverage included… Motor Insurance Motor Insurance in India is mandatory for any vehicle (Excluding vehicles running on rails) designed to run on public places. Types of motor vehicles Private Car Two wheeler Commercial vehicles

Two Wheeler Insurance and Types of Policies for Bike Insurance

Find about the Types of covers available in Two Wheeler Insurance, Different Factors effecting Bike Insurance Premiums and Exclusions related to Motorcycle Policy… Two wheeler Insurance is a part of Motor Insurance. Two wheeler may attached with side cars. Two Wheeler/Motorcycle/Bikes are the vehicles used for personal purposes. Two wheeler Insurance Two wheeler Insurance premium

What is Double Insurance, How to Get Premium Reimbursement

Find about what is Double Insurance and check how to get reimbursement of premium amount which paid twice for a single Insurance Policy… Double Insurance In General Insurance, insured may take 2 policies for a single product for different reasons which calls as double insurance. How to cancel one of the 2 Insurance policies and

Types of Insurance in India for Life and General Insurance

Presenting the types of Insurance available in India for Life and Genreal categories. Find the source of registered Life Insurance , General Insurance as per IRDA… In India Insurance mainly regulated by IRDA(Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority). It was constituted based on Malhotra Committee Report in 1999. IRDA became statutory body in April, 2000. Types