How to Check LIC Policy Status without Registration in Online & Mobile

Here we are going to discuss with you about how to check LIC policy status without Registration through online website and also through mobile application…

LIC policy status is nothing but knowing the policy information whether it is lapsed or in work. If the premium payment is not done at that time the policy will lapsed or if the premium payment is done then the policy is available. It can be used for providing the important information with respect to your policy.

The status of the policy can be checked by visiting the office which deals with the services of the policies and also through IVRS (Interactive Voice response system) in some selected cities.

In some selected cities policy status can also check through connected networks and also by using some kiosks for viewing the policy status.

How to Check LIC Policy Status without Registration

Policy holders of LIC can check their policy status through online registration or without registration. Most of the people have a doubt on their premiums, policy payment date and etc. If any one wants to check their policy status through online without registration, they can follow the steps given below:

How to Check Policy Status Without Registration through Online

  1. Visit official website of LIC
  2. It will display a LIC home page.
  3. In the right-side down corner, LIC Mitra will be highlighted.
  4. Click on that Robot. It will show you a chatting box.
  5. Send a text message their like Hai.
  6. It will give a reply like Hi, how can I help you.
  7. Now, Enter your policy number, and it will send you the options like policy information, change in sum assured, Bonus information, Loan quotation, Revival period, None of these.
  8. Click on Policy information.
  9. Please select or enter your date of birth text message will be displayed.
  10. Enter your DOB.
  11. Finally, it will display your policy details.

How to Check Policy Details without Registration through mobile

Policy holders of LIC policy can know their details by sending message through Mobile. The following steps shows how to send a message and how to know the policy details without registration through mobile.

  1. Open your mobile and click on the messaging App through the registered mobile number.
  2. Click on the compose option
  3. Enter the text like ASKLICSTAT. here in the policy number place to need to enter your policy number.
  4. Send this message to 56767877.
  5. Within a fraction of second you will get your policy details.

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