LIC Online Payment on Quick Pay & Registered User Login

Find out the easiest way to pay the LIC premium in LIC Online payment portal for registered user through login and Unregistered users through LIC Quick pay…

LIC provides an option called LIC Premium payment for the users for paying their payments in online without going to the LIC office, Users can also know their policy details and payments for the particular policy and can pay their premium directly in the online.

Later, LIC payments can be done through the agents based on the plans taken by the insurer and such type of days are gone now. In this Digital world, everyone is using mobile phones. So, they are using these mobile for different types of payments. LIC payments can be done through mobile banking also. LIC Payments usually done in two ways.

  • Pay Direct for unregistered users
  • Payment for Registered Users

LIC Online Payment for Registered User

Now I’m going to discuss about the LIC payment through online for registered users:

  1. First visit LIC official website.
  2. There you can see “Customer portal”, click on it.
  3. Next click on Registered user option.
  4. You will display a LIC home page.
  5. Now, select Pay LIC Premium online option it will show you two options:
    • Pay Direct
    • Through Customer portal
  6. Next click on Through customer portal option, it will ask you to enter your user ID, password and date of birth and then click on sign button.
  7. Here can find the Self / Policies option and click on it.
  8. It will show you the details about your policy.
  9. There you can see LIC renewal or due date. If the policy is in renewal state then it will show the Pay Premium option.
  10. Click on the pay premium option and provide required details.
  11. Choose the payments option using debit/credit cards.
  12. Click on payment receipt which was sent to your registered mail.
  13. Open the email Id and check for the payment receipt and verify it.

LIC Online Payment through Quick Pay

Here, I’m going to discuss with you about the LIC payment for unregistered users.

  1. First visit LIC official website.
  2. Next click on Pay Premium online button then it will show you two options:
    • Pay Direct
    • Through Customer portal
  3. Here you need to select Pay Direct option and select Renewal Premium/ Revival option from the list.
  4. You will display a Customer Validation form.
  5. Fill it with your policy details – Policy Number, Instalment Premium, Date of Birth, Email Id, and Mobile number.
  6. Next verify the code and accept the agreement and click on proceed option.
  7. Now, it will be directed to payment process (Debit or credit).
  8. Choose the payment type and provide necessary details.
  9. And finally check your email given for payment receipt.

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