Voter ID Application Offline for Unregistered Voters

Find out the best process for applying Voter ID Application Offline for Unregistered Voters by visiting the electoral registration office..

Voter ID is important identification proof for every citizen in India. It is ID proof authorized by Government of India. These ID cards are issued by the Election Commission of India. Individuals can send their application form for applying voter ID card through offline also. The following steps shows how to apply Voter ID card in offline.

Voter ID Card Offline

  1. To do so, First bring the application form from ERO or AERO from your belonging constituency or download from election commission website.
  2. Fill the application form and submit it along the required documents to ERO or AERO of your constituency.
  3. Or otherwise you can submit by post to the address of ERO or AERO of your constituency which is available at website.
  4. Important documents required to post the application form is coloured passport size photo, ID proof and also the address ID proof.
  5. After submitting the application, booth level officer will come for verification of your address.
  6. Then the application form will visible in notice board of Electrol Registration Office inviting objections. For any objection it will have time period of 1 week.
  7. If any objections are raised, ERO will hear and make a discussion to continue or to cancel.
  8. After completion of time period, they will give you an order to enter your name in Electrol roll.
  9. At last you will receive a notice or SMS that your name has included or not.

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