Apply Leave or Joining report in BSNL ERP ESS portal and Check Leave Balance Online

BSNL ERP Leave Options

Login to BSNL ERP Portal, submit your leave request for EL, CML, CL, HPL or EXOL or any kind of leave for you absence for duties, and extend the leave, or cancel your leave in ESS ERP login, if not required after submitting, and also check your available balance leave and total career’s EL / HPL credited in your account and availed leave history with new summary report available in BSNL ESS SAP NetWeaver portal.

There are various kind of facilities and leaves to BSNL employees according to CCS rules and the same were credited to the BSNL employee service records and the same was available in ERP ESS portal at SAP NetWeaver login by showing the present balances and total career history, now we are presenting how to avail different kinds of leaves, presenting the joining report and extension of leave in BSNL ERP portal available for employee on their ESS login along with new Leave summary report.

Various options on Leave for BSNL employee

Let’s check all the different options available to the employees in ESS ERP BSNL login to avail various leaves and the procedure of each leave option

Leave Request > Request leave and other types of absences.

Leave Request Cancellation > Apply for cancellation of leave.

Leave Extension/Curtailment > Apply for Leave Extension/Curtailment

Joining Report > Joining Back Form Leave Form

Leave History > View the history of leaves availed

Quota Overview > View the absence entitlements available for yourself

Holiday Calendar > Employee can view their Holiday Calendar and can also view the list of holidays

Leave Summary Report > Employee can view summary of leave credited and availed

Apply BSNL Leave online in

Open your Google Chrome browser and login to with your allotted HR number and password, to obtain the various leave options in ESS portal login as mentioned below, where the following options are each applicable on different occasions, so let’s see them in detail

BSNL ERP Leave Options
BSNL ERP Leave Options

Leave Request

An employee of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited can request 6 types of following nature of leaves (Casual Leave, Commuted Leave, Earned Leave, Half Pay Leave, Restricted Leave and Station Leave Headquarters in online during the period of absence to their duties through BSNL employee self care portal like this after login into the BSNL ESS portal

  • Click Leave > Leave Request
  • BSNL ERP display your employee details (Name, Designation, Mobile number) by allowing you to submit a request for leave
  • Select the Nature of leave (BSNL ERP shows you the balance leave of selected nature)
  • Click on Start date and End date of leave
  • Select Station leave (applicable only, if you desired to leave the head quarters)
  • Present the Reason for leave in the respective field
  • Click Check at the bottom left, (If there is no error in submission, the it gives a message Validation successful, No errors found! and displays the Approver details at middle right)
  • Click Send (The leave flow takes place according to the leave type after approval of the leave)
Submit Leave Request in BSNL ERP Portal
Submit Leave Request in BSNL ERP Portal

Cancel leave request online at BSNL ERP ESS portal

The employee of BSNL is having a chance for cancellation of leave request by presenting a leave cancellation request in BSNL ESS portal after applying of online leave from any source, just look the below about how to apply for cancellation of leave.

Submit Joining Report in BSNL ERP after returned to duty

BSNL ERP ESS portal also provides Joining Back Form in the SAP Login to complete the leave after availing Earned leave / Commuted leave or HPL, after the submission of joining report and necessary approval of concerned authorities only, the submitted leave will successful posted in all the service records of BSNL employee, have a look at how to submit joining report in BSNL ERP leave portal.

Extend Leave in ERP portal

An employee of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited can extent the availed leave before completion of leave spell, but this option can avail by the employee in BSNL ERP portal only after sanction of the applied leave (EL / Commuted Leave / HPL) by the controlling officer.

Leave History in BSNL ESS

Having a check on leave details in the form of leave history report which give the information about the total employee leave in ESS portal for which the leave already availed by a BSNL employee through ERP login, where here in this leave history report, an employee can check the balance leave against each quota also.

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