BSNL GPF Advance and Recoveries on GPF Loan

BSNL GPF Advance Rules

Check the GPF advance rules before applying online GPF loan in BSNL ERP, find the PF loan repayment schedule and what are the causes covered to sanction to BSNL GPF advance…

A BSNL employee who has not completed the 15 years of regular service is eligible for GPF advance as per the certain rules mentioned. The sanctioned GPF loan amount should be recovered from BSNL employee salary as per the existing conditions.

BSNL GPF Advance Rules

BSNL employee or any Government servant can avail GPF advance or GPF loan as per the new GPF Rules in the following circumstances

Expenses on illness, Confinement or disability of a dependent family member with including of traveling expenses.

Cost of higher education for dependents including travel expenses on the following case

  • For education outside India for Academic, technical, professional and Vocational courses beyond high school stage.
  • For Medical, Engineering or other technical and specialized courses not less than three years in India, beyond high school stage.

Obligatory expenses such as betrothal, marriages, funerals, or other ceremonies including first Sradh ceremony.

BSNL GPF Advance Rules
BSNL GPF Advance Rules

Cost of legal proceeding to vindicate his official position, on any allegations made against the employee.

Cost of plot or construction of a house or flat or to make any payment towards allotment of plot or flat by State housing board or any House building cooperative society.

GPF Advance payment percentage

An employee three months pay or half of the amount at credit in employee GPF account which ever is less can be paid as BSNL employee GPF advance and however in special circumstances GPF loan percentage can be permitted not exceeding the amount at credit of the employee at the discretion of sanctioning authority.

The employee can also check the status of GPF advance at BSNL ERP after the online application successfully created in employees ESS portal

Recoveries on GPF Advance

The following are the recovery procedures or rules for GPF advance recoveries or repayment of the loan amount.

  • The taken GPF loan by eligible BSNL employee should be recovered in not more than 24 installments.
  • In special cases, the GPF advance has been granted in excess of 3 months pay, and the same should be recovered in not more than 36 installments.
  • Without the consent of the Government Servant, recovery of advance will not be made, if he is on suspension, or on EXOL or HPL for more than 10 days in a calendar month.
  • The recovery may be postponed on written request, during the period when advance of pay granted is also being recovered.
  • Sanctioning authority may order recovery of GPF advance either in one lump sum amount or in installments not exceeding half of the emoluments, if it is satisfied that the advance was utilized for a purpose other than the one for which it was sanctioned.

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