HDFC Life Employee Portal Login for ESS Services

HDFC Life Employee Portal

HDFC Life employee portal caters to employee self-services to manage HDFC employee professional and career financial info, Check how to sign up and log in to the HDFC Life ESS portal…

HDFC is one of the largest banking services in India as per assets and is among the top 10 all across the world due to its customer-centric approach, but their service is not just limited to customers who create an account in the bank but they also care about the same with their employees.

HDFC has more than One lakh permanent employees now which makes their employee count to a high number just in India, So, if you are an employee working with HDFC then you would be thrilled because they have come up with an employee self service portal, which is well known as HDFC ESS or HDFC Life ESS that is their primary HRMS for the employees.

HDFC Life Employee Portal

HRMS simply stands for Human Resource Management System, and here HDFC Life employee HRMS has been designed in such a way to provide their employees with all the help, assistance, and links related to their work and more.

HDFC Life Employee Portal Login for ESS Services 1

Through this HDFC Life HRMS, the employees will be able to check their leave balance, apply for leaves, check their salary slips, attendance management, and more that makes anything related to working and HR easier.

So, HDFC created the ESS portal to ensure that their employees have ease of time to manage their work-related activities that can ensure active participation even without following up offline.

In this article, will be showing you how you can sign up or get your account activated for this platform, and at the end, go over the login process for the same to help you get access to your account readily.

How to Sign Up for Connect Employee Portal HDFC Life

If you have not yet created your account with the HDFC Life ESS portal then simply follow the below instructions that can help you create your account in a quick time.

  1. Open the HDFC Life official website from here
  2. Click on the Employee Self Service portal which will open the portal login page
  3. Click Register your account and next, you need to provide your employee ID number along with a password
  4. You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number linked to your account and upon entering which your account will be activated.
HDFC Life Employee Portal Login for ESS Services 2

HDFC Life Employee Portal Login Process – Access My Account

Once you have created and activated your HDFC Life ESS portal account then it’s time for you to learn the login process.

  1. Open the HDFC Life ESS website
  2. Click on Employee Self Service
  3. On this page, you need to enter your employee id and password,
  4. Click on the login button.
  5. Enter the OTP received and you will be logged into your account now.

What is Connect HDFC Life Employee Portal?

The HDFC Connect well known as LifeLine CRM service for the HDFC employees which is the CRM management system and this is different, where both these platforms are available for all the HDFC employees but have different features and abilities allowing their employees to advance in their careers and do more quickly through these platforms.

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