FASTag for Toll Payments, How to Get and Recharge FASTag


It is nothing but the digital stick which works on the Radio frequency identification technology. From 2021, Jan 1 Government passed a decision to use FASTag for toll payments. By using this the advantages are not wasting time in the toll gates, no retail problems and no need to pay extra amount. This device can be taken through online or offline.

FASTag can be placed in any place of the front mirror of a four-wheeler because it is a powerful device that can scan in any place of the front mirror of the four-wheeler. If it doesn’t scan the vehicles then the toll person can enter the details of the vehicles through manually. But if we place a FASTag in the centre of the mirror it will recognise quickly and accurately.

Whiling fixing the FASTag sticker be careful, because if it is not placed carefully it will not scan the vehicle. Online apps such as amazon, PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay can also use for recharging the FASTag otherwise you can directly recharge with the MY FASTag app.

Recharging FASTag via Mobile app

The following steps shows how to recharge FASTag using Mobile app.

  1. Open the play store in your mobile and search for FASTag.
  2. MY FASTag app will be displayed and install it.
  3. Open the MY FASTag app it will open an interface.
  4. Here, you can able to see Recharge via UPI option.
  5. Click on it.
  6. Select the bank from which you purchased your FASTag.
  7. Enter your vehicle number and click on submit.
  8. It will ask for validation and tab on validate button.
  9. Now, if your bank link is correct then it proceeds to the next page. Tab on proceed button.
  10. Next enter the amount for recharging the FASTag and remarks you can type FASTag.
  11. Click on Pay now option.
  12. Now you can pay with any of the recharge option that you have in your mobile.

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