BSNL Salary Slip Pay details for employee at ESS ERP Portal

BSNL Salary slip is a documentary proof issued by the employer to BSNL employee having detailed description about the pay or employee’s salary of that current month raised from ERP BSNL eportal by showing all the salary components of income paid and deductions of the employees towards loans, Employee provident fund or GPF along by showing income tax details of the current financial year. Let’s have a look at all the details on downloading BSNL salary slip for the current month.

BSNL Pay Slip Components

The detailed salary slip of BSNL employee is divided into three parts and consists of two main components regarding the employee pay scale details of Non Executive or Officer cadre with their Increment date and Income Tax PAN account, along with Bank and EPF UAN details, Let’s take a look

EarningsDeductionsPerks / Other Income / Rebates
Basic PayEPFAgg of Chaper VI
IDS DAProfessional Tax Split Period
HRATDS from Employee
Professional Up gradation AllowanceGSLIS
Rural Area AllowanceLIC
Transport AllowanceSociety Deduction
Other AllowancesUnion Subscription
Welfare Fund

Incomes of BSNL employee (Earnings)

The following components are appear under the incomes side of the BSNL salary statement

  • Basic Salary : It is the most important factor of salary fixed on BSNL pay scale for employee to calculate all the allowances of the total salary which shown in the BSNL pay slip.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA) : The applicable DA for employees is Industrial Dearness Allowance, and the BSNL IDA rates of the employee calculates as per the Central Price Index numbers and paid with increased rates to employee to reduce the impact of inflation.
  • House Rent Allowance : HRA is one type of allowance paid to BSNL employee on the basis of Basic Pay as per the categorization of the working location to compensate the rented house payment.
  • Medical Allowance : An amount to cover the medical expenses of employee and his dependents on submission of medical bills through ESS ERP BSNL while in working in organization.
  • Conveyance Allowance : Provides to cover the cost of travel from employee home to office and vice versa.
  • Other Allowances : In this section, there are many other like Family Planning, Bad Climate allowance, Special Compensatory, Training allowance, Special duty, Washing allowance, Costof News Paper, Cash handling, etc paid by employer in the mode of encouragement to their BSNL employees.

Deductions in BSNL Salary Slip

This part covers with mainly four parts, but the count increases as per the employee profile.

  • Provident Fund: It is a compulsory contribution for each BSNL employee named as General Provident Fund or Employees Provident Fund as per the their recruitment.
  • TDS : It is nothing but Tax Deductible at Source, which is deducted by BSNL on view of Income Tax towards the Pay as per the tax slab of the employee.
  • Professional Tax : The amount of tax deducted towards the income tax payable, but applicable only in few states of India.
  • Loans : It contains various Bank personal loan, Society Loan disbursed with the approval of BSNL disbursing officer.
  • Court : Deductions towards the employee sureties or divorced suit against employee of BSNL.

With BSNL employee incomes and deductions, concerned Accounts Officer Claims will process the Net Salary of the BSNL employee for the current month by showing all the details in BSNL Salary Slip

BSNL employee Income Tax Details

This part contains the complete income tax details of the employee as per section wise for the current financial year and which was already deducted, which of the amount to be deducted.

Importance of BSNL Salary Slip

The Salary slip of BSNL employee is the source to prepare Form 16 of income tax returns determining the tax to be paid and which amount is paid in advance or how much amount to be claimed towards income tax refund of the employee.

BSNL Salary slip is the only one legal documentary proof for an employee to show their income for availing home loan, personal loan, and Credit cards. BSNL employee salary slip is the legal documentary evidence to submit while applying for VISA.

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