How to Hide & Unhide Whatsapp Chat on Android and iOS

You may check how to hide and unhide whatsapp chat on Android and iOS platforms in detail with simple steps. Let us check…

Now-a-days most of the people are using WhatsApp for chatting with their friends, families, colleagues etc. In this we can hide the chats for some security purpose. This may be permanently or temporarily. Hiding the chats may done by using archive option (inbuilt option) or with another third-party app that differ according to the OS (Android or iPhone) in the device.

How to Hide Whatsapp Chats on Android

First, we need to install Whatsapp app on our device and then we need to open the icon that we have in the list. Now select particular chat need to archive (deleting). Archive is the temporary option, so that the chat can be hide and unhide according to our wish. Procedure to use archive option is

How to Unhide Whatapp Chat

  1. To access the saved chats, open Whatsapp and scroll down. There you can find an Archived chats option.
  2. Select the conversations that we need to unhide and tap on the un-archive icon to move them to WhatsApp home.
  3. To unhide the hidden chats, three-dotted icon is visible at the top-right of the screen and tap on it there mark as unread will be visible tap on it so that we unhide the chats.

How to Hide & Unhide WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

iPhone uses iOS software which is totally different to the Android. In this also we can hide the chats for our security purpose by using Archive option and third-party app. Procedure to follow for hiding the WhatsApp chat in iPhone are

  1. Select particular chat to hide.
  2. Swipe the selected chat to right then go to more options.
  3. Just tap on the Archive option to which we wish to save.
  4. Again, if we want to Unhide the chat then open WhatsApp and scroll all the way up the screen. Here we can find the Archived chats option just above the search bar.
  5. Just tap on the Archive option then swipe the hidden conversation to left. So, the chat will be displayed successfully.

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