BSNL Salary Slip Pay details for employee at ESS ERP Portal

BSNL Salary slip is a documentary proof issued by the employer to BSNL employee having detailed description about the pay or employee’s salary of that current month raised from ERP BSNL eportal by showing all the salary components of income paid and deductions of the employees towards loans, Employee provident fund or GPF along by

LIC Home Loan Interest Rate

Find out the LIC Home Loan Interest rate and different types of Schemes available in the LIC HFL Home loans Present, people are finding the best interest rate for the Home loan. So, the best way to choose the home loan is LIC home loan. LIC provides a best interest for Housing finance. LIC provides

How to Check FASTag Balance

In this blog, we are going to discuss about how to check Fastag Balance before travelling to another place…. FASTag is an initiative that has been introduced in recent times helping the masters with easy communication across the National highways. Indian transport ministry had announced the mandatory usage of the FASTag for toll collection for

How Buy & Recharge FasTag from PayTM

Find out the best way to buy and recharge FASTag from Paytm for toll payments during the traveling period. The best way to buy FASTag is Paytm because If there is a money in the PayTM wallet we can use it for other purpose also. For example, this money can be used for bill payments

How to Buy & Recharge FASTag from Googlepay

Find out the process how to buy Recharge FASTag from Googlepay for vehicles while travelling from one place to another place How to Buy FASTag through Googlepay Ministry of Road, Transport and Highway have made FASTag mandatory on Jan 1, 2021. To pay toll charge for vehicle government introduced a FASTag device. By using this

Period of Insurance and Short Period Premium Rates for Motor Policies

Find out what is period of Insurance and Premium rates for Short Period Insurance for Motor policies… Short Period % of Annual Premium Rate Short Period %  of Annual Premium Rate Not exceeding 1 month 20% Exceeding 1 month but not exceeding 2 months 30% Exceeding 2 months but not exceeding 3 months 40% Exceeding